This summer, Southwark Park Galleries (formerly known as CGP London) celebrate their 35th anniversary with a contemporary art show about dogs. For Dog Show, a variety of artists and curators have been invited to select their top dog-related artworks for what is believed to be the first exhibition of its kind. 

The show includes a series of Joan Jonas dog drawings and performances by Performances for Pets, Martin Creed’s 2007 film work Orson and Sparky, as well as works by Adam Chodzko, Heather Phillipson and Tom Woolner; Lucien Freud’s portrait of Pluto, Aged 12, and a drawing by James Pyman; art critic Louisa Buck has selected Dog Duet and The Spelling Lesson by William Wegman; gallery director Matthew Higgs selected a series of dog paintings by Ryan Brown and paintings by Babak Ganjei.

Also on show are works by Oona Grimes, Rob Pruitt, Brian Catling, Errol, Leah Capaldi, Jem Finer, Tim Spooner, Abigail Lane, David Harrison, Vic Reeves and others.

Sessions to help those scared of dogs get over their fears are planned and local dog owners will be able to upload images of their pets and a panel will pick the best 12 for a 2020 calendar next year. And, of course, all dogs are welcome into both galleries to enjoy the exhibition.

Dog Show runs from 18 July until 8 September 2019 and admission is free.

Southwark Park Galleries, 1 Park Approach, Southwark Park, London, SE16 2UA from 18 July until 8 September 2019. Thur – Sun 11pm – 5pm. Admission: Free. Phone: 020 7237 1230

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Main Photo: Martin Creed – Work No 670 Orson and Sparky 2007, Medium: 35mm film, colour, sound. Duration: 4 Minutes, 16 Seconds