‘full stop slightly high’ is Nicole Bachmann’s first project with the gallery. Bachmann will be producing a new durational performance within VITRINE London, on Bermondsey Square, with the dancers Noa Genazzano and Aurore Vigneron. The performance will be staged through a series of acts opening on Tuesday 10 March, with the last being realised for VITRINE’s 10th Anniversary event ’Sounding Off 2.0’. 

Bachmann explores VITRINE’s unique space and its confined form which limits the movement of bodies, as a metaphor for the social constraints we may experience in our lives. These constraints manifest themselves socially, physically and economically in our bodies and our minds, creating multifaceted limitations on our lives. Bachmann is interested in how these constraints become rules and normalities, entering our lives and becoming negative parameters through which we exist. 

As a narrow aisle, with not much space for manoeuvre, the space could be considered a physical representation of this restraint. Structural elements and platforms of varying heights will be built into the space. Performers will have to negotiate these through movement and interaction between each other inside VITRINE, leaving marks on the white walls. When there is no performance, these marks become traces of their bodies’ movements. 

There will also be an audio work playing quietly when the space is empty through speakers attached to the windows. The work will only be heard by those closer to the gallery to implicate the audience through their proximity to the space. The audio piece will use voice and sound extending the performances corporeality, standing in relation to the performance, but not a remnant of it. This facet of Bachmann’s practice imagines the body and movement through hearing. The audio shares the space with the site of the performance and explores its absence. 

Each performance will last for approximately 1 hour. 

Vitrine, Bermondsey Square, SE1 from 11th March – 3rd April. Times: Preview and first performance: Tuesday 10 March 2020, 6 – 9pm with performance starting at 7.15pm. Final performance: Saturday 3 April 2020, 3pm. Daily 24/7 from public square. Admission: Free.