‘Fantastic Voyage is the exhibition that represents all my artistic experience and is my tribute to David Bowie. I will show all my sculptures dedicated to him,’ says the Italian sculptor, Maria Primolan. 

Primolan first attended Vittorio Veneto Art School in the Piedmontese state capital, then she graduated in Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin.

She creates mainly wooden, bronze or terracotta sculptures and has been involved in furniture design, drawing and producing unique pieces of furniture and artistic handicraft.

In 2016-2017 she started several works inspired by Bowie, and by 2019 she had created many sculptures made of wood and terracotta, using the raku Japanese technique.

Why David Bowie: ‘I started to listen to David Bowie’s songs when I was a teenager. I have a clear memory of coming out of the underground in Piazza Duomo, Milan, wearing headphones: with a new feeling of freedom and of a new world to be discovered. I was 15.

‘By the end of the ‘80s I had developed other musical tastes but some years ago I listened to Life on Mars again and it was then that I reconnected to Bowie’s music. On 10th January 2016 I felt a deep pain within, as if a close friend or member of my family had passed away. I asked myself, “How can this have happened?” David Bowie had become so deeply rooted in me. Like many fans, I visited the exhibition “Bowie Is” when it came to Bologna. In November 2016 I travelled to London to watch “Lazarus” in King’s Cross Theatre and of course took the opportunity to visit the mural in Brixton. Upon my return to Italy I found that artistically I had become completely focused on David Bowie: my first tribute to him would be sculptured as an “Angel”.

Charlie Fowler, singer with David Live, will be at the opening of the exhibition with a live performance of some of Bowie’s songs.

Prices start at £250

Fantastic Voyage is on at Dot Athena, F Block, Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG from 15th – 23rd June. Times: Saturday 15th June opening – 4pm – 9pm, then 10am – 7pm. Admission: Free.