The Classic Car Boot Sale in Kings Cross seems to have been taken over by South London’s finest – both famous and infamous. Brixton’s David Bowie and Lewisham born Sid Vicious have been commemorated in stained glass windows – On Reliant Robins!

The artist, Stuart Langley cars will be displayed in the newly opened Coal Drops Yard – this will become a vehicle showroom for the weekend, celebrating the joys of all things three wheeled. Two cars depicting rock ‘n’ roll stars including Camden’s, Amy Winehouse, Lewisham lad Sid Vicious and Brixton boy, David Bowie and more. The third car chronicles the industrial heritage of the North East from deep in the coal mines to Sir Antony Gormley’s iconic testament to a positive future – the Angel of the North. This links with the coal mining past of Kings Cross, as the cars are situated in the actual yards that once housed the coal before it was shipped around the country.

Langley comments, “the overarching meaning of the three works is to show how repurposing an object can encourage people to rethink the meanings they assign to the world around them. The everyday (in this case cars) doesn’t have to be purely functional – an element of surprise can go a long way in igniting inspiration in others. My inspiration was the stained glass found in Durham Cathedral that helped create something extraordinary from an everyday object.”He continues, “The Reliant Robin (one of the vehicles is a Rialto for those in the know) is quintessentially British and a little odd so it makes the perfect canvas for a stained glass transformation”.

These will be surrounded by more three wheeled wonders including the rare bright orange 60’s Bond Bugs and probably the most famous of the them all – Del Boy Trotters trusted ride which featured in the comedy series ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

The Museum of Youth Culture launches an immersive new pop-up from Saturday 27th April at Coal Drops Yard, documenting the birth of the teenager in Britain. The ground-breaking photography exhibition journeys through youth culture history from 1959 to the present day, from the Teds to Punk, Rave and Hip-Hop to Grime. It will also feature photography from the newly discovered archive of The 59 Club, a renowned motorcycle club formed in 1959 in East London.

With the anniversaries of iconic films such as Italian Job and Quadrophenia, there will be a nudge to this decade of revolution including DJ’s Keb Darge and Martin Green and over 50 mods arriving on their gleaming scooters.  The world’s most famous bus – Harrington Legionnaire, which appears on the 50th anniversary of the British comedy caper film, The Italian Job, makes its first outing to the Classic Car Boot Sale and is sure to be a fun photo opportunity for the whole family.

There is even the chance to bring out your inner Andy Warhol with a free drop-in drawing workshop  with a fabulous sixties model resting against a MG MGA 1600 Mk1 roadster, courtesy of London Fine Art Studios.

The suited and booted shoppers will be entertained by swinging sounds from the Routemaster Bar Bus, which always draws a crowd to shimmy, twist and mash potato throughout the day. 

Classic Car Boot Sale, King’s Cross, London,  27-28th April 2019,  located in  Granary Square, Lewis Cubitt Square and  Coal Drops Yard, N1C 4BH. Admission: £5, under 12s free.