Back in 1998 the whole Lewinsky/Clinton affair was something that really passed over my head. US politics are not something I find in the least bit interesting, so I was all geared up to slip out at the interval and make my way into the night. However, when the time come I couldn’t wait to return for the second half of Kevin Armento’s Devil With the Blue Dress, writes Lizzie Paul.  

If an actor can make me sit up and listen, grab my attention and engage me within the play then they are doing a great job and all five on stage did just that. 

There is no scenery, no special effects to this play, just five women and a saxophonist quietly tootling in the corner. There is no Bill Clinton as such; the women take turns to speak his part and their impersonations of him are worth the ticket alone. 

The now infamous affair between him and his young power-hungry intern is played out through the eyes of the five women who were in the thick of it: wife Hilary and daughter Chelsea, Betty his secretary, Linda Tripp, a rather scheming Republican to say the least, and Monica, the girl with the stained dress. There is much back-stabbing and betrayal between them and by the end I had my own idea of just who the villains and heroes were in this scandal. 

The production is certainly something topical in the wake of the whole #MeToo campaign, not to mention Mr Trump’s shenanigans – but Monica is no victim here. She wormed her way in and naively thought she meant something to the President of the United States. Silly girl.

This is a slick production, in a pretty weird theatre, down in the bowels of an old car park, but if you get the chance it’s highly recommended. The dress was not taken to the cleaners – but Monica certainly was.

The Bunker, 53a Southwark Street, SE1 1RU Until 28th April. Times`; Tues – Sat 7.30pm; Sat matinee 3pm; Sun matinee 5pm. Admission: £19.50 £15 concs, 10 @ £10 under 30s. Phone 0207 234 0486.