Modern Art Oxford is temporarily closed, but visitors can now tour the galleries and see the current exhibition by New York-based Chilean artist Johanna Unzueta, Tools for Life – online.

The free Virtual Exhibition allows visitors get up close to the art and experience the colours, textures and stories of the show. Online extras include video content, behind-the-scenes moments and curator’s notes, exploring themes of nature, mathematics, ethical fashion, architecture and more.

How it works

After accessing the exhibition at visitors can choose their own path through the galleries. As they navigate each room, they will come across colour-coded tags which pop up to be clicked on for further information. Red tags click through to video and blog content including a mini documentary filmed during the opening of the exhibition, timelapse footage of Unzueta at work in the galleries, and regularly updated blogposts. Orange tags provide excerpts from the exhibition notes; the pink tags have quotations from the artist about her upbringing, art training, process and intent, such as:

“Everything I’m doing now began in my childhood; I have been working with textiles since I was five. I grew up working with my hands.  My mum always said I learned to weave and knit before I learned to read and write. Hands are tools for me and I can’t disconnect that.”

The grey tags provide additional factual information about the works, particularly those that were created on-site for the show such as the large-scale felt chain sculpture Related to Myself and the murals drawn by the artist with oil pastel directly onto the walls.

The blue tags offer a series of fun facts while the dark yellow tags offer snippets of surprising or unusual information such as the use of a particular ancient indigo dye which the artist first started using during a residency in Guatemala. Finally, the green tags reveal details about the materials used in the works, such as the story of the fabric sourced from a Guatemalan factory which recycles denim.

Images: Screen Grab from the Johanna Unzueta Virtual Exhibition at MAO