The Underdog Gallery has its first group exhibition of the year, The Occult & Symbolism, featuring a selection of new artwork from emerging contemporaries. 

The featured artists are from the UK,Germany, Italy, Denmark, LA, Vancouver and Poland. The artwork is the artists’ interpretation of the occult and symbolism theme.

Whether we know it or not, The Occult and Symbolism, is a big part of all of our lives, from historical buildings to bill boards we are all bombarded with Occult Symbolism every day, sometimes sinister sometimes benign, always present. From corporate logos to cults, secret societies and establishment crests we can find intelligent, powerful and unnerving designs of meaning all over our cities, in our literature, art, film and in almost every aspect of our lives. Our cultures are saturated in it.

How much influence does this have over us? Is it just marketing? Mumbo jumbo? Fantasy? Certainly not, according to the most powerful echelons of our society, industry, government and corporates.
From hidden meanings and symbolism in ancient art, to the most obvious and almost comical occultish logos, they have become an important facet to our being and affects each of us deeply. Subliminal or intentional, the hidden isn’t always unclear and the visible isn’t always what it may seem.
This show is inspired by the occult symbolism that we can all relate to, maybe even feel threatened by, but mostly just misunderstand. Each piece in the exhibition is the artist’s interpretation of the topic, that is at least interesting to most, if not essential to some!

The Underdog London, Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW from Friday 19th April to Friday 31st May. Admission: Free.

Tuesday – Thursday: 12pm – 7pm; Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 01.00am; Sunday: 12pm – 5pm