Richard Miller, Film maker, photographer, artist, has a new exhibition of artworks in Bermondsey, about Bermondsey.

He said this about his latest show: Let an image grow old and you will see things that you didn’t notice at the time. The simple idea of ‘observation’ has a very strong appeal to me. The thought that so much around us goes unnoticed until it is gone. People stare at their phone, stare blankly ahead or stare at the ground as the world passes by. Let an image grow old and you will see things that you didn’t notice at the time. 

I decided to capture a record of the Bermondsey Street area and exhibited prints in 2013, with further exhibitions of a wider area. I like to think of a camera as a tool, with my eye being the more important lens, then editing and adding colour to the images I choose using digital technology. 

Already some of that earlier work has aged. Buildings have gone and people moved on. My observations however, remain forever, in print. Imagine if you will, looking at those same images 100 years on from now.  The geography of my newer work has since expanded but for this Shortwave exhibition, Into the Blue, I remain focussed on the Bermondsey area. 

I have traced my own family back to Bermondsey in the 1820’s, with Dockhead, Blue Anchor Lane, Neckinger, Pages Walk and Bermondsey Street amongst the locations of my ancestors’ homes. I moved to Bermondsey myself in 1988 when the area was in sharp decline. The docks had closed, traditional industries had become outdated and others were moving out of inner London completely. The changes we have since then have been quite remarkable. 

Richard won The National Portrait Gallery ‘South of the River’ Competition in 2016.

Into The Blue is on at Shortwave Cafe, 100 Clements Road, SE16 4DG until July 17th. Times: 8am – 10pm. Admission: Free. – @richardqmiller 

Main image by the artist.