Sat 7th & Sun 8th October

On the first weekend of October, artists and makers in Lambeth are opening their studios, work spaces and homes to the public.

The free event, which started in 2009, promises a wide range of arts and crafts on show including painting, sculpture, photography, textile design, jewellery, ceramics and print making. It’s an opportunity to buy direct, and support local artists and artisans.

Discover the wealth of creative talent tucked away in the borough, and explore studios and workshops hidden in their neighbourhoods. Lambeth Open is also a unique way to meet artists face to face and learn more about the various technical processes involved in their craft.

Organiser and artist Tim Sutton (who also organises the very successful Urban Art fair in Brixton) said Lambeth Open provides an affordable opportunity for artists and makers to showcase work in their local area.

“Too often these gold mines of creativity are hidden away and we hope our event helps shine a light on our wonderful and colourful creative community,” Tim said. “All artists and makers will be present at their venues, so visitors can find out how items are made and the various techniques involved. We are so lucky have all this talent on our doorstep and something worth showing off to the rest of London.”


The Lambeth Open launch event is on Friday 6 October from 6pm-9pm at Brixton £ Cafe, 77 Atlantic Road, SW9 8PU. Admission is free to all the venues, and doors are open from 10am until 6pm on October 7 and 8.



Anna was born in Venice, Italy and then spent a few years with her husband in Africa until settling in London. Her sculptures are mainly of the human body that she sees as a vast landscape, all creating spirals within a spiral. She is self-taught and has been working for over 30 years.

The Portico Gallery, Knights Hall, 23a Knights Hill, SE27 0HS



Dairo Vargas’ work directly confronts the vulnerability of the physical and psychological human condition. His paintings are inspired by dance, movement and everyday life; revealing the layers of emotions and feelings that are infused in our communications and interactions.

198 Gallery, 198 Railton Road, SE24 0JT



Charlotte has cultivated a technique that combines her love of drawing and film photography. She creates her own large format negatives and prints limited edition pieces, predominantly using the traditional cyanotype process. Subject matter tends to focus on scenes abstracted from the local area, the picture in this exhibition was inspired by time spent in Brockwell Park.



“I have found London to be an inspiring and stimulating environment in which to paint, since moving here six years ago.”

The Portico Gallery, Knights Hall, 23a Knights Hill, SE27 0HS



“I was profoundly moved when David Bowie released Black Star and then died last year. I wanted to pay a tribute to him by reimagining a Black Star in my own way. This is an oil painting on canvas which then has several coats of resin sealing in the image and giving a perfect gloss finish.”

Basement Flat, 131 Lansdowne Way, SW8 2NP



Henrietta MacPhee is a British ceramic artist, recently graduated from the renowned City Lit Ceramics Diploma course. She models and carves clay by hand and paints with slips and glazes to achieve bright fresh looking surfaces that are rich, diverse and tangible. Her work is figurative and stems from exploring the exotic, through a fresh child-like perspective of the world, she portrays social scenes of poetic tenderness and humour.

50 Milton Road, Herne Hill SE240NP

07940 719 397 /  @etta_mac



Gemma Kelly’s emotionally expressive sculptures can be both playful and confronting: from abstracts that draw on the aesthetic joys of dance, to human bodies that reveal pain and sorrow in their taught sinews and stressed limbs. Much of her work draws on personal experiences that she expresses boldly and without compromise, inviting the viewer into a world that is usually kept hidden and internal.

198 gallery, 198 Railton Road, SE24 0JT

10am – 6pm



“I make paintings in oils and watercolour sketches of the edges of forests, the borders of the sea and sky, and the play of surface and depth in reflections on water. My subjects are familiar and recognisable but also dreamlike. I try to paint a stillness and silence that you can lose yourself in.”

136 Lowden Road, SE24 0BQ



Sophie Cook first trained as a scenic artist for theatre and then as a fine artist in the atelier tradition.

Her still life paintings depict the prosaic, a teacup or a tumbling table top plant; but always seek to capture the less apparent qualities of the objects. She enjoys the subtle shifts in colour and temperature found in nature that lends itself so beautifully to painting in oils.

Portico Gallery, Knights Hall, 23a Knights Hill, SE27 0HS



Kate Newington makes her portraits and still lifes using slivers of scrap paper from magazines, newspapers and flyers – looking at her images, what you see from a distance is not always what you see close up.

Her recent collage portrait of the film director Ken Loach can be seen at the Lambeth Open. Kate regularly shows work at the Mall Galleries in Central London and her work is always on show at Skylark Galleries on the South Bank.

30 Saltoun Road, SW2 1EP



“I studied textile design and sold textile prints worldwide. Brought up in East Anglia, I am inspired by the countryside of north Norfolk and the beauty spots of Surrey, Cornwall and the South of England.

I love colour, creating surface pattern texture and playing with compositions.

My studio is in Carshalton, South London, and appointments can be made to view my work.”

Portico gallery, 23B Knight’s Hill, SE27 0HS



Lucy Duke is a contemporary expressionist artist who exhibits successfully at her home in Herne Hill during Lambeth Open showing at Venue 16. Her style is exuberant and uplifting in watercolour and pastels.



The maker is a long established glass worker of some decades experience in a variety of glass working techniques. On display are functional blown tableware, and sculptural kiln formed pieces, and the accoutrements of the making of them. In the characterful setting of a railway arch.

209a Coldharbour Lane, SE9 8RU



Priscilla is best known for her paintings of people swimming at Brockwell Lido.

Her work is full of light, movement and colour, and often verges on the abstract, though some pieces reflect a quiet underwater world.

She believes that it is the relationship between light and darkness in art that triggers an emotional response in the viewer and can transform an everyday activity such as swimming into resonant poetry. Her large oils have achieved upwards of £2500 but she paints a wide range of pictures and some smaller pieces are available for around £400.

She has also developed a highly successful series of watercolour ‘paper pools’ that sell for £120 unframed. A limited range of linocut prints and cards will also be available. Recent work includes seascapes and small oil-on-board paintings of waves.

19 Tulsemere Road, SE27 9EH



Timothy Sutton specialises in portrait work using traditional oil on canvas techniques to create stunningly realistic pictures.

He believes the secret of a good painting is not to just capture the likeness, but also a sense of character, be it flesh or fur. Portrait painting has once again established itself as an important record for our modern age. The photographic image has become an unsatisfying, disposable item, typified in glossy throw-away magazines or ‘never to be printed’ pictures on a digital cameras. People are now looking for a more permanent record and a commissioned portrait has proved to stand the test of time. As well as solo and group shows, Timothy has exhibited at the Mall Galleries and the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Brixton £ Cafe, 77 Atlantic Rd, Brixton SW9 8PU



Robert Brown’s work begins and ends in drawing, which sometimes grows into an idea.

Portico Gallery, 23b Knight’s Hill, SE27 0HS



Janie Kidston currently makes wheel thrown ceramics – tea and noodle bowls; miniature cups; medium and larger bowls; beakers and multi functional pots.

18 Spenser Road, SE24 0NR