The famous Horniman Ningyo Merman is taking a trip to New York for the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition this winter at the New York Historical Society Museum, writes Hannah Kanik…

The exhibition celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone being published in America and features centuries old objects and original drafts and drawings from J.K. Rowling’s personal collection.

In the exhibition, the merman is displayed with a manuscript from the British Library and a book from the American Museum of Natural History that both feature illustrations of mermaids and other mystical creatures.

The merman and manuscripts were chosen to be a part of the exhibition because the images and merman match the description of the mermaids featured in the Harry Potter films, which have grey skin and yellow eyes.

The merman is a popular item at Horniman and has travelled domestically eight times since 2011; however, it has not been outside the country since 1982. The Horniman Museum has created a special mount designed to make transporting the merman easier.

The Harry Potter exhibition was on display in the British Library and after its success, announced that it would go on tour to New York.

The Harry Potter exhibition will be on display in New York until 27 January 2019. The merman will be back in the Horniman in February 2019.