Outpost 2 is the Bermondsey Artists’ Group’s follow up exhibition from last year’s Outpost. Spanning photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and film, Outpost 2 brings together over 20 artists from BAG, and will also be the final exhibition at Shortwave Café after its short but exciting existence, writes Michael Holland. 

As is usual with BAG exhibitions there is a rich assortment of work and styles, which ensures their shows have something for everyone. Outpost 2 has two eye-catching pieces from Martin Pover where he has created excitement via nothing much happening at all. I became mesmerised while simply staring and waiting for something to happen in these photographic constructs that strangely seem to be bursting with life.

Continuing the photographic line, Miyako Narita’s shot of humdrum objects and condiments on a kitchen table is made magnificent by a parrot perched on what could be a salt cellar. I found myself interacting with the artwork by checking ‘use by’ dates.

Tony Fleming’s piece looks like he has followed on from earlier works that used semaphore flags to form the art but now he has done it with small wood and wire tools spelling something out. Probably a swear word. Perhaps not. Is it even a word?

There is a twee Victorian sampler on lace, but closer inspection reveals it to be a very contemporary artwork and problem. There are several pencil sketches, prints, and a rather creepy piece titled Inheritance that depicts a rag-doll family nailed, Jesus-like, to wood. The message hits you after a while. Plus, of course, there is a selection of splendid work in oil and acrylic to make Outpost 2 one of the best exhibitions to see in June.

Outpost 2 is on at Shortwave Café, 100 Clements Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG until 28th June. Times: 9am – 6pm (10pm Thur & Fri). Admission: Free.

Main Photo: Louise Sheridan