A Peckham graffiti stencil artist is creating a puzzle on climate change, where local people can visit different locations in the area in order to put the pieces together and win her work, writes Nora Selina Helal…

Artist Soul’D’s new global-orientated piece, entitled ‘The Rainbow Warrior’ series, focuses on saving the planet, and will be displayed during this month and next.

Each section of the piece will be shown in six different locations across Peckham between Saturday, November 3 and Sunday, December 2, 2018.

By following Soul’D’s trail, photographing and uploading all pieces of the puzzle, audiences can enter a competition to win a limited-edition print of the piece.

Limited editions will also be available to purchase.

The Rainbow Warrior series is inspired by an ancient prophecy from the Native Americans which follows the idea that one day the planet will suffer, leading to the death of animals and plants.

The prophecy reads: ‘The indigenous peoples spirit and knowledge will be recognised by the western peoples and a tribe of all nations, colours and beliefs will join together to save what is sacred on the Earth.

“They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow’.”

Soul’D said: “At the end of 2016 many tribes from around the world gathered in Dakota to protect the sacred waters at Standing Rock from an oil company drilling for a new pipeline.

“They came together in an unprecedented way.

“Never before in history have so many tribes stood together in the name of a single cause.

“Their passion, solidarity and sheer willingness to put themselves on the front line for this shared cause, mobilised tribes and communities worldwide to stand in support.

“This was one example of the prophecy in action.“


Soul’D was previously recognised for her ‘centre of the universe’ campaign that went viral last year.

For more information visit: https://sould-art.com/