Peckham was ranked as the 11th coolest neighbourhood in the world, out of 50, according to Time Out, writes Nora Selina Helal…

But are we surprised?

Bolstering itself as the leading cultural hub by feeling like you’re everywhere in the world at the same time, in the same place, Peckham screams: London’s newest hotspot.

Let’s just skip the part where it was labelled one of the most dangerous place to live in London a few years ago and be quickly reminded that it is now the ‘inplace – or as most would say, a hipster o-meter dwelling packed with vibrant bars, clubs and random “cool people’s” stuff that we all want to be a part of – secretly.

Time Out describe it as a: “breeding ground for south-east London’s burgeoning creative scene while staying true to its multicultural roots.”

I mean let’s face it – who could possibly turn down a 90’s nostalgic-themed cinema experience for just a fiver? Or if you prefer some retro-style sight-seeing, you’re in for a treat because Peckham has some of the trendiest streets in London.

In close competition, Time out have listed ‘Embajadores’, in Madrid, as number one for coolest neighbourhood in the world and Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, in Dubai, as the 50th best spot.

Peckham could easily rise to first place – watch this space!