Fans of the BBC’s historical drama Wolf Hall have been given the opportunity to own a piece of the miniseries for themselves.

The six part series was an adaptation of two historical novels by Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies. The exploration of the life and politics of Oliver Cromwell, with Sir Mark Rylance in the leading role, was met with critical success, receiving a total of eight awards nominations and winning Best Miniseries at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

The critics who gave the show such high praise highlighted a number of aspects that made it such an effective piece of television: its faithfulness to the novels, the incredible performances by the cast and a great attention to detail in the historical setting, from crown jewels to capes.

The costumes for the show were intricately tailored by none other than Rotherhithe‘s Sands Films, which put together a custom made wardrobe especially for the show.

Now, fans have the exclusive chance to own a piece of that wardrobe as Mark Rylance’s Cromwell is put up for auction to raise money for a new adaptation of The Good Soldier Schwejk.

The listing describes the decision to donate this piece for the effort:

The beautiful fur-lined woolen coat and costume worn by Sir Mark Rylance in the BBC2 TV series, Wolf Hall, has become something of an iconic outfit. Adapted from the best selling novels Bring Up The Bodies and Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, the 2015 BBC drama ‘Wolf Hall’ went on to win a large audience of passionate international followers and many awards. This costume was designed by Joanna Eatwell and entirely custom-made for Mark Rylance, by hand in the costume workshops at Sands Films in Rotherhithe, London, UK. It is in excellent condition and there are Sands Films labels in each piece.

Mark Rylance is a patron of Stop The War Coalition, and so it is appropriate that this costume is being sold by Sands Films to contribute towards the budget of a new film with an antiwar message: The Good Soldier Schwejk. The Good Soldier Schwejk was originally published in serial form in Prague, and became an instant success through its author, Jaroslav Hašek, died in 1923 leaving it unfinished. By 1926 the novel had been translated into German and had acquired cult status across Europe. Writer/director Christine Edzard, co-founder of Sands Films Studios, will present a contemporary take on Hašek’s hilarious original. “

You can see the full listing – and bid on it, if it takes your fancy – on the eBay page here:


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