Gail Brodholt is a voracious reader, constantly inspired by the written word. Her stunning linocuts—often depicting the London Underground, train stations, and other scenes of transport—obtain their titles from pieces of poetry or prose that have touched her in some way. A poem, Buses on the Strand(by R. P. Lister), lent its title to one of Gail’s newest linocuts.

 Brodholt’s work provides an organic melding of word and image, going beyond being simply an illustration of a poem or piece of writing. To the artist, both poems and artworks are ‘like going for a walk’: they could lead to many narratives or discoveries. This exhibition foregrounds the relationships between poetry, prose, and Gail’s linocuts.

This exhibition coincides with a prestigious project that Gail has been working on with London Transport. She was commissioned to produce prints for two posters to support their initiative ‘Hidden London,’ which aims to open up the secrets of disused parts of the London Underground network. She was asked to feature two stations: The Strand / Aldwych station and the Highgate High Level station. Both of these striking posters will be displayed throughout London early 2020.

Gail Brodholt is a painter and printmaker of the contemporary urban landscape. Her work depicts the London transport network and the journeys made across the city on tubes, trains, and in the car: the unconsidered backdrop to our daily lives. Born in South London, Gail trained at the School of Fine Art, Kingston University. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) and was appointed Honorary Curator in 2013. Gail is the recipient of many awards and prizes including the Birgit Skiöld Award and the Paintings in Hospitals prize. She is based in Woolwich, South London.

Poetry, Prose, and Prints is on at Eames Fine Art Gallery, 58 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD from 6 February – 1 March. Phone: 020 7407 1025. Admission: Free.