Peckham cartographer Loraine Rutt can put the whole world in your pocket. Twenty five years ago, the artist launched her business creating pocket sized porcelain globes and has been expanding the brand ever since, writes  Hannah Kanik…

She went from making globes that people would buy as presents to being commissioned by the National Maritime Museum. “I was happy to find that people really like them,” Loraine said.

Her globes are topographically correct, hand painted and exactly to scale replicas of the earth. They take three days to make but they require half a year’s dedication and commitment to making the models and moulds.  While they embody the sense of nostalgia and history behind a globe, they also incorporate the modern day inter-connectedness that technology has given us.

“Something about holding a scale model of the earth in your hand is special,” Loraine said. “Nowadays you can make a difference and connect with people around the world.”

Photos: Taran Wilku

Inspiration comes in many forms.  She remembers the moon landing aired on TV and being blown away with what a “gem” of a planet we have. “I like the idea of what makes humans want to explore,” Loraine said.

The artist was also influenced by travels of her own and her earlier years where she served as a cartographer for the University of London’s Birkbeck College. She later followed her love of pottery and sculpting and got a degree in ceramics from Central St Martins.

Loraine has lived in Peckham for the past 30 years where she is an active member of the artist community. She is the co-founder of the Arches studios, which opened 28 years ago and has twenty other makers sharing the space.