Sands Films have been making costumes for stage and screen in Rotherhithe since the 70s, moving there when others could not get out quick enough.

When the area became desirable once again money-grabbing landlords almost forced them out but they were no match for the perseverance of the artisans that worked there, and the support of those that believed in the work that was done there.

Olivier Stockman arrived at Sands Films as a young man in the 70s and never left. He is now a director of Sands Films and a Labour activist who is always looking out for those in need, as well as for the company, and right now his skills will be in demand.

‘Like everyone else,’ he begins, ‘we are suddenly in a very strange space where all our income streams have dried up…And culture itself is the first victim…However, since all theatres, films, concerts and cultural gigs of all types have shut down, we are making plans to make use of the studio facilities to stream live events as a means to survive. If not economically, at least culturally… We are talking to actors and musicians to explore the possibility of streaming these live events as soon as possible from our stage. If we can find an audience, we may well find an income too…’

The first such event that was cancelled proved a very successful facebook stream. 

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