Ash left behind after death, a lover’s lick, or a print made directly from a spider’s web are some of the traces explored in Surface Tension, a solo show by Bea Haines. 

In this new body of work, Bea Haines explores the human condition through an examination of our relationships with each other, our environment and mortality. Through sculpture, painting, drawing and print, Haines captures traces that offer insight into animal and human nature, referring to nurture, loss, longing and our desire for love through what is deemed culturally impermissible.

Haines’ work is concerned with surface and more specifically a process of imprinting, where the worldly or intangible collides with paper, glass or metal. Her exploration of surface prompts us to consider what lies beneath-and often psychologically; in her ongoing work with animal and human remains, Haines subverts the norms that surround mortality, re-presenting it as a process of creation and healing.

The exhibition features ash drawings created from human and animal ashes, which depict the relationship between man and nature. Haines’ work comments on the fear within society, the power of nature and of other species. Is this fear a result of our evolutionary state where, whilst our brains have increased in size, our bodies have become soft and weak?Surface Tension raises such questions.

bo.lee gallery, 222 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4NL from 6th Sept – 5th Oct. Times:  Wed – Fri 11 – 6 | Sat 11 – 5. Admission: Free.