Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sylvia Libedinsky studied architecture at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, graduating in 1967. Libedinsky now works mainly on light and shadow projects like “Ghosts” – first shown at the Argentine Playhouse exhibition in 2016 and also on newspaper-based stories – ink graffiti applied to newsprint images which completely inverts their original meaning, as is the case with the “Audrey” series.

“Libedinsky plays with words…..and with images as well, mixing the strangely new with the unexpectedly familiar. Where words and pictures meet in art we are always close to satire or cartoon, a world subverted and subversive too. Libedinsky’s imaginative world is rumbustious, Hogarthian. She share’s Hogarth’s scepticism and indeed Beckett’s resourcefulness in the face of the absurd.” Rosemary Hill – writer and historian.

“This exhibition reveals Libedinsky’s many talents – her imagination, humour, astute observations and innate invention as a designer.” Madelon Vriesendorp – artist and co-founder of the Office

of Metropolitan Architecture.

GX Gallery, 43 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, SE5 8RS from 8th – 28th February. Times: Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sat: 10-5pm. Admission: Free. Phone: 020 7703 8396