Tarot & Archetypes is a an exhibition from two Polish artists and is reinterpretation of archetypes and symbols according to Jungian psychology and the Major Acarna cards of the Tarot.

Sylwia Makris is a sculptor, but fine art photography has been her main visual medium for several years. Sylwia’s creative expression fuses photography with traditional painting and sculpting techniques inspired by old masters and silhouettes of contemporary culture. Her quest produces images that may delight or disturb but always move the beholder. For her first exhibition with The Underdog, Sylwia will produce a new series of work from the Tarot.

Tomasz Gornicki is a young emerging sculptor who combines classic workshop education with creation and imagination pushing the boundaries of aesthetic experiments. He seamlessly moves among different techniques and materials using marble, clay, bronze and steel. The artist’s interests revolve around realism.

Tarot & Archetypes is on at London, Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, SE1 3JW from Saturday 26th January – Thursday 28th February. Times: 12 – 7pm. Admission: Free. Phone: 07950 503 990


Opening Reception: Friday 25th January 2018 from 6pm