Huntington Gardens, written and directed by Paul and Simon Wade, is a short comedy about a residential street in post-Brexit Britain where the neighbours battle it out for the best parking spot. At the end of each work day, the Morris family, the Rogers and the Amins’ all drive back as quickly as they can to beat the others to the best spots on the street. Each family is from different economic, cultural and political backgrounds and their hidden prejudices bubble to the surface as the battle for parking spaces intensifies. 

Director’s Statement: Like most people in Britain, we have been left very confused and frustrated by the whole Brexit Saga, both from the government’s response and the public reaction and we wanted to try and find some humour hidden in amongst the absurd mess. However, unlike Brexit, we didn’t want to alienate anyone in the country, we wanted to tell the story of division and anger in a way that related to everyone and and we felt that Huntington Gardens and its inhabitants would act as a perfect microcosm of Post-Brexit Britain, because what could be more British then getting angry about parking spaces? 

‘Huntington Gardens’ will be screened on Sky Arts on the 27th March 2019 at 9pm.