Monty is an exhibition, produced by Kwong Lee and curated by Zoe Watson, that explores and caricatures the alter ego of an artist working under the same name. Underwritten by the creative potential of dyslexia, Monty is a conversation piece between different forms of visual language, creators of imagery, and documentation and representation.

Ian Pollock: Portrait of Monty

Monty is interested in unconventional curatorial roles in contemporary art, often working in collaboration with artists and designers and in the overlap of roles between artist, technician and curator. Monty’s dyslexia contributes to his unique perspective and way of working, and informs his practice, using visual associations that reflect his way of looking at the world. With humour and absurdity at the core of his practice he proposed to attempt a “solo group show”.

Working with a curator, a producer and with funding from Arts Council England he has invited a mixture of 8 artists and illustrators to make new drawings based on their interpretation of his back catalogue of artworks and projects, supplied as a basic photograph or text description. Monty’s relationship to the artists and illustrators vary from friends, friends’ relatives and others he has never met; each of the invitees present a diverse set of practices resulting in the finished artworks which range from pencil drawing to animation and GIFs. These ‘translations’ are then used as source material for Monty to further explore our understanding of representation, personality, character and institutional frameworks with his own subtle additions to the gallery space.

Monty is on at Copperfield, 6 Copperfield Street, SE1 0EP from 2nd February – 2nd March. Times: Wed – Sat 12-6pm. Admission: Free. Phone: 07845 594549.

Main image: Rachel Goodyear – Cone