Toxic chemicals are everywhere. In the food we eat, the water we drink, even the air we breathe. We are constantly exposed to a cocktail of dangerous elements, often without our knowledge or consent. Carelessness with these hazardous chemicals can have a serious impact on our health, our children’s development and the overall wellbeing of our planet. 

The UN’s foremost expert on human rights and toxics, Baskut Tuncak, will be at Lambeth’s The Three Stags on Sunday, 28th October from 6pm to talk about toxic contamination in our everyday lives, and what we can do about it. The discussion will cover topics ranging from the overuse of fertilisers to the health implications of Brexit for people in the UK. 

To consolidate our understanding of the ways toxics affect us all, the venue will exhibit the work of artist Miriam Sugranyes, which will be on display for a number of weeks. Using facts as the inspiration to get us to confront the fundamentals of toxics, the artworks are a wake-up call about the hazards, our vulnerabilities, and what needs to change. 

The event will be free and open to all, organised as a collaboration between Child Rights International Network and The Three Stags. We want to invite anyone interested in joining our efforts to get in touch, or to invite us to talk to you. 

The Three Stags has been a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) since its creation in 2008, and was named one of the top eco-friendly pubs and restaurants in London by Culture Trip. 

Everyday Toxics is at The Three Stags, 67-69 Kennington Rd, Lambeth, SE1 7PZ on 28th October at 6pm.  The accompanying art exhibition will continue into November