Yoyne (Piotr Nowak) was born and raised in southern Poland, on the borderland between post-industrial Silesia and Galicia, mostly associated with cultural and educational hub of Cracow.

He is a graduate of Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design (SAPU).

Since his arrival to the UK he has participated in many group exhibitions in London and ‘Out’ is his third solo exhibition.

Yoyne’s artwork stands out from others because of his intriguing use of found objects that he gives new life to. He says, ‘I use a variety of objects from traditional canvases to recycled furniture, mirrors, frames and fabrics. My main medium is undiluted acrylic spray paint and I use small blocks of canvas or roller stencils to layer the surface of my paintings. Then I might draw shapes on it and fill them with colours. I often use found objects either as the ‘canvas’, or to form a collage in which they meld with the paint.’ 

(Self Portrait)

How Yoyne discovers these ‘objects of ephemera’ depends on his mood and where he may be: ‘They have their own history which weaves its way into the body of my work. I get them from flea markets, charity shops or simply come across them when walking around London’

The artist’s inspiration, he reveals, comes from, ‘sights, smells, views, situations, reflections, people I meet… Almost everything in everyday life.

Out is on at Shortwave Cafe, The Biscuit Factory, 100, Clements Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG from 11th February – 5th March. Times: Mon – Fri 9am – 7pm. Admission: Free.