Fifty years ago, Thamesmead welcomed its first family to move in, and on July 14 there will be a day-long celebration on the banks of Southmere Lake. 

The 50th birthday festival includes activities such as:

  • live music with local artists
  • a local talent stage
  • a carnival put on by the community
  • a dog show
  • a tea parlour
  • local food vendors
  • sailing on the lake
  • a round table, open to the public for discussions
  • circus performance workshops

The celebration will start with a parade that goes through Thamesmead and ends at Southmere Lake.

Local outdoor art production companies Emergency Exit Arts and Nutkhut will also be helping to design the festival.

“I started working in Thamesmead about a year ago,” said Adriana Marques, the Head of Cultural Strategy at Peabody, the organisation putting together the festival. “Everyone was telling me ‘there’s no culture in Thamesmead,’ but I really didn’t have to look that hard at all.”

Leading up to the festival there have been other events, such as 1,500 trained pigeons flying with LED lights attached to their feet, homage to WWI courier pigeons that would have had messages tied to their feet instead.

On July 3-7, there will be a community production of the play Beautiful Thing, a story about two teenage boys who fall in love after being neighbours in Thamesmead. The play was eventually adapted into the 1994 film by the same name.

More information available here.