Londoners couldn’t believe their eyes when a life-size polar bear was spotted taking an unexpected stroll along the capital’s south bank and Westminster Bridge. The extraordinary life-size animatronic creature was a surprise visitor to help launch SEA LIFE London aquarium’s new Arctic experience, Polar Adventure. Measuring 2.5m long, the polar bear made its way along Queens Walk and Westminster Bridge posing for selfies, with surprised onlookers and amazed children.

Six-year-old, Angelica Hewlett, meets an amazing life-size polar bear on her way to school to celebrate the launch of SEA LIFE London aquarium’s new Arctic experience, Polar Adventure.

Opening in time for the Easter holidays, Polar Adventure is the aquarium’s new Arctic experience which features state-of-the-art Augmented Reality and is the only place in London where guests will be able to embark on a journey of discovery to one of the world’s last frontiers.

From life-size polar bears to an inquisitive orca whale, creatures from the Arctic will be brought to life using amazing Augmented Reality and 3D technology, which is set to take intrepid adventurers’ breath’s away.

Graham McGrath, General Manager at SEA LIFE London, said: “Polar Adventure is set to be SEA LIFE London’s most exciting and ambitious guest experience yet, as we bring the spectacular Arctic landscape to life right here in the capital.

“Guests of all ages will be transported to the icy world of the frozen north where they journey through the most epic of environments. As well as learning more about Arctic creatures and what it takes to survive in the poles, they will also enjoy thrilling encounters with the most amazing creatures on the planet using unique augmented reality and 3D technology.”

Guests to the capital’s flagship aquarium will journey above and below the icy tundra and come face-to-face with some life-size encounters. The experience will also use a huge range of sensory effects from an interactive ice-covered environment, chilly polar breeze and a stunning polar night’s sky.

During the expedition through the frozen north, adventurers will also be able to:

  • Follow in the footsteps of an augmented reality polar bear
  • Brave the cracking crevasse as you  step across thin ice
  • Come face-to face with animated, friendly, life-sized Seals!
  • Gasp in awe at spider crabs and Norwegian lobsters
  • Spot the spectacular simulated northern lights (aurora borealis)
  • Face the treacherous polar winds with SEA LIFE London’s hurricane machines
  • Turn your tongue ice blue with a chilling slushy from the Polar Point

As well as this fantastic new permanent addition to the SEA LIFE London experience, adventurers can then explore the rest of SEA LIFE London’s 15 themed zones that house more than 7,000 incredible creatures, including Penguin Point, Shark Discovery, Ocean Invaders: Enter the world of jellyfish and Rainforest Adventure. Later this year SEA LIFE London will also become home the UK’s largest living coral formation in the new Coral Kingdom.

 SEA LIFE Aquarium is at County Hall, Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road,  SE1 7PB. Buy tickets here: