Families can now escape from it all down The Rabbit Hole into Wonderland at the edge of Streatham Common. But rather than follow a white rabbit, it is an old Greyhound that you need to look for.

Formerly The Greyhound, the newly refurbished family owned pub is soon to be renamed The Rabbit Hole. Run by husband and wife team Shamz Sisodia, 34 and Kat, 37, the near 300 year-old boozer has almost completely been transformed into an Alice in Wonderland themed retreat for all.

Shamz’s father Dave bought the local landmark eleven years ago and this family of builders and developers have since last April been lovingly restoring it, bringing back much of the architectural splendour of the Victorian pub, which was rebuilt in the 1870s.

“It taken a bit of time but we are hoping to have it completed and all up and running by the summer. Inside it was bright white everywhere. It just seemed so empty because it is a huge space and was made to look bigger by being painted white,” Kat told the Weekender.

In recent years the pub has been known more for showing live sports and club nights. This will not change but given the vast size of the place the rebrand and massive renovation The Rabbit Hole will firmly be in the community, family friendly bracket.

Families can relax in the vast and secure beer garden which is covered in incredible painted scenes inspired from the famous adventure by Lewis Caroll. Couples can cosy up in the spacious and yet intimate interior which is filled with many unique and quiet zones. Well behaved pets are also encouraged to come along.

With a separate entrance beneath the pub the club will continue to draw the crowds, having hosted nights with top acts including Faithless, fronted by Crystal Palace local Maxi Jazz . The club will be aptly renamed Wonderland and will undergo an interior revamp at some point after the Sisodia family have finished their work upstairs.

A new chef has recently joined the pub and a fresh menu has been created. Having the advantage of being a family run establishment Shamz and Kat have taken inspiration from their young daughter, Shyla aged 5. “We were writing out a kids menu and we sat down with Shyla to pick some meal ideas. She’s been so involved and has even helped to pick our games like hula-hoops and giant Jenga for the garden.”

With many popular beers on tap there is also a good selection of bottled beer behind the bar. The family owners are more than happy to order in any drinks, keg and bottle, that people want to have.

The interior decoration and artwork has been carefully chosen by Shamz and Kat. “We were out in Tooting and Irony had done a bit of artwork on a wall there. It was Alice taking a selfie on her phone. We really liked the modern twist. We were thinking of choosing Alice in Wonderland and so that’s why we picked him as the artist. His work is absolutely amazing.”

Irony is a member of a collective of graffiti, urban and street artists called Blight Society. “Blight Society Art is really excited to be working on the Rabbit Hole. The family owned and run pub has a unique vision for their re-launch. It’s a truly one of a kind venue, and has been brilliant working with them to create something special for Streatham.” Irony, Blight Society Art.

The artwork fits in so perfectly with the fantasy atmosphere. Inside are huge and detailed spray painted figures of Alice and the Cheshire cat almost leaning out of the walls. Opposite you will find yourself being drawn in to a huge painted scene of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare having their famous tea party. As an extra fun touch you can try to spot a few mice that have been carefully hidden in the scene.

The artwork of Irony will feature proudly both inside and outside on the front of the building. The project is still being completed but you can visit now to see the final pieces being added and maybe you will catch a glimpse of the latest artwork to go up.

This hidden gem can be found at the edge of Streatham Common at 151-153 Greyhound Lane, SW16 5NJ. The vibrant family atmosphere and the stunning Alice in Wonderland theme make this venue ideal for kid’s parties and summer days out.

 Opening hours: 

Monday – Thursday 17:00 – 1:30

Friday 17:00 – 3:00

Saturday 12:00 – 3:30

Sunday 12:00 – 1:00