Who doesn’t love a full English breakfast occasionally? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for my smashed avocado and fruit smoothies, but every now and then, I need to be fulfilled by a plate filled with pure unadulterated sinful joy, writes Nicky Sweetland…

So, one Sunday morning when my need for such sustenance became overbearing, I wondered into the Café Dee in Eltham. The little establishment on Pound Place had been recommended to me, as much of the wonderfully naughty fare is grilled, so even though you are being bad, you can still clap yourself on the back at not consuming huge levels of greasy, fried food.

That said the portion size you are served with is so big that you won’t be left wanting. My friend and I both decided to go for it and attempted to consume our combined bodyweight in delightfully wicked grilled food. We selected the classic breakfast, which comes with two rashers of bacon, Cumberland sausage, two hashbrowns, mushrooms and baked beans. I added on a fried egg to mine and we washed it all down with builders-style cup of English breakfast tea. And the breakfast was everything I could have wished for: fulsome, flavoursome and immensely satisfying.

What’s great about the fact that Café Dee choose to grill most of their food rather than frying it is that the inside of the café is absolutely immaculate. Well decorated and well kept, none of that greasy, smelly interior, which you so often find when you venture into a traditional British café. And the staff are a really great bunch too; attentive and caring.

So, if like me, you want to stuff your face full of cooked breakfast every now and then, Café Dee in Eltham is a real recommendation.


Café Dee

3 Pound Place


Phone: 020 8850 0692