Why was it I felt so uplifted on an otherwise nondescript Wednesday afternoon?  Perhaps it was the first sign of sun after a week of grey skies and snow.  Millwall adding another scalp to their excellent away result run?  No, it was listening to Stacey singing between chatting to customers, taking orders, cooking, serving and washing up in Stir Café, a social enterprise focussed on wellbeing that has a mission statement that says they are ‘dedicated to creating a space that uplifts the customer’.  The menu in Stir says right at the top that it is Good Mood Food, and it certainly worked on me, writes Michael Holland…

Me and Mum sat by the window, taking full advantage of the first rays of sunshine since before the Beast From The East arrived to bring the country to a standstill, and checked out the options. They keep things simple in Stir with several healthy breakfast choices that do not involve fry ups, and lunches that revolve around jacket potatoes and wraps.

We started off with home made soup. Mum went for the spicy tomato that had her palate pulsating once the chilli kicked in, which meant she made full use of the chilled water provided for the table. I chose the more sedate sweet potato and squash soup, and very enjoyable it was too, especially with the warm seeded roll it came with.  They were thick, hearty broths that would make a good lunch by themselves, but we were looking to get a broader view.

Stir is more than a café. The profits go towards funding the Recovery College, which provides courses to support people with mental health problems, and work experience for those students looking to get back into work.

Our next course arrived. I had Jacket Potato with Jerk Beans after I had checked with Stacey that the beans were not as spiced up as Mum’s soup was. Mum opted for the jacket potato with cheese. These, after the soups, were both quite filling and just about perfect for lunch.

We just about had room for a drink to aid digestion after our meal, and having espied a selection of iced drinks I thought that was a fitting finale.  Once again I sought Stacey’s input and she suggested the iced caramel macchiato. With a name like that I just had to have it, and I must say it hit all the right buttons; like a cold coffee and toffee milkshake that was ideal for a sunny afternoon.



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