Myself and Mr Brown rocked up to a wet Oktoberfest and found some dry land and rain cover at the German Kraft bar and kitchen where we immediately took up the challenge of a stein of Heidi Blonde each – a rather good drop of beer in a rather large glass, writes Michael Holland.

German Kraft is hosting the first Kraft Beer Oktoberfest in London, serving exceptional German style beer brewed on site with never-before-seen distilled water technology.  The brewer is pioneering the way in which beer is made in London by fusing traditional 400-year old recipes together with a modern water-distillation process to purify water before the beer is brewed, which is sustainably powered through waste heat from the brewing process. After the water has been purified various minerals are added to the water to customise the perfect brewing water for each beer type.

Yes, all this talk of Super Water is very nice but what about the beer?  We got ourselves a guided tour of the brewery by the mother of one of the young men who started the company, and she explained all the technical details about the German hops and malts and the Franconian Braumeister Tobi, who ensures they serve fresh beer from the source to the customers straight from the tank.

Mr B and I agreed this was all thirsty work, so we ordered up a stein each of the Pale Ale, which was a darker beast altogether.  And very flavoursome.  All this touring and talking and lifting of one-litre beers was hard graft so we opted for a mixed platter made up of various würste, sauces, sauerkraut, cheese and ham. Perfect food for the ales we were drinking.

At one point in proceedings we had a surprise visit from two eager PR representatives who wanted to make sure we were being looked after and that we were enjoying the different ales.  We were and they left happy.

By now we were playing Name That Tune to the medley of contemporary classics performed by the Oompah Band and feeling rather merry.  Dion and Elliot behind the bar kept up a constant supply of the German Kraft beers so that we could taste them all, though by now we were sensibly drinking from the smaller measure glasses.  

As time drifted happily past Mr Brown became anxious that he was now late getting home for his tea – and more than a tad tipsy – so attempted to concoct a story for Mrs Brown that would keep him sweet indoors.  He soon gave that up as a bad idea and as he ordered one more Edel Weiss wheat beer for the road he decided he was just going to blame it all on me.  ‘Good luck with that,’ I said.

The Oktoberfest runs to September 30th but the German Kraft brewery is ongoing and an established part of the area’s burgeoning beer-brewing community.

The German Kraft brewery is located at Mercato Metropolitano at 42 Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle, SE1 6DR.