German Kraft are starting weekends off on the right foot by introducing the Bavarian Breakfast at Mercato Metropolitano.

A weekend only beer-based start to the day, the Bavarian Breakfast is a fully ‘balanced’ meal designed to get Saturdays and Sundays off to a great start. The Breakfast includes two sausages, a traditional hand-made pretzel and a pint of delicious wheat beer to wash it all down.

Weiss, or wheat beer, is traditionally drunk at breakfast time in Bavaria along with deliciously simple sausages and bread. Sipping on the vitamin-rich amber liquid is the perfect start to the day, according to Felix Bollen of German Kraft.

“Our Kraft Beer is high in vitamins and uses the purest water,” said Felix. “Available every weekend at our Mercato Metropolitano it’s a relatively new concept for London – but a very familiar one back home in Bavaria.” That doesn’t mean that breakfast just brings forward the beginning of the journey that ends with a hangover. “We really don’t expect anyone to treat breakfast as the start of a long beer session,” explains Felix. “We think locals will relish the prospect of a hand-made breakfast at a good price and then go back to their normal weekend routines.”

German Kraft is pioneering the way in which beer is brewed in London by fusing traditional 400-year old recipes together with a modern water-distillation process to purify water before beer is brewed, which is sustainably powered through waste heat from the brewing process. After the water has been distilled various minerals are added to the water to customise the perfect brewing water for each beer type.

The Bavarian Breakfast costs £10 and includes two sausages, a pretzel and a pint of beer and is available from when the market opens at 11am. 

The German Kraft brewery is located at Mercato Metropolitano at 42 Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle, SE1 6DR.