Promising a day full of mindfulness, the festival is hosting 60 yoga and meditation sessions, over 50 stalls, activities for children, talks on mental health, and Bollywood dancing.
“It’s a day of total yoga and meditation immersion,” Yogific founder Kriti told the Weekender.

Yogific runs 12 festivals a year in the UK, Ireland, and Poland. “We travel every weekend; we used to live in London but now we move around with the festivals. Right now we’re living in Poland,” Kriti said.“We do a lot of talks and workshops addressing issues, particularly depression anxiety, which is so widespread in the UK,” Kritis said. “We’re holding a very important segment on mental health which we, tried out at a festival in Kingston.”

“People need it. It’s so amazing, just by talking about mental health it helps.”

The festival includes “every kind of yoga you can imagine.” Kriti’s favourite kind is hatha. “It’s very authentic,” she says. A range of meditation and Buddhist meditation is being taught, with a room for express 30-minute meditation sessions.

“We have amazing stall holders, some are local businesses based in Greenwich and the south east, and they’re selling vegan food, and raw vegan cakes made from nuts.”

Around 30 local yoga teachers are going to teach the classes, and over 8,000 people have expressed interested in attending the festival on the Facebook page.

“It seems like Greenwich Yoga and Vegan Festival is going to be our biggest event to date. We have collaborated with many local yoga teachers and vegan businesses to build a vegan Yogi community,” Kriti said.

Yogific has a core team, and expands on tour. “We travel together, then we make a team wherever we go. People just resonate with what we’re doing,” she said.
“We are thankful to Corelli College for letting use a lot of space in their college.”

Born in India, Kriti has been practising yoga since she was six years old. “It was very normal to do yoga at home, in parks. There weren’t yoga studios but there were schools. I studied at an after-school place and it was very strict. We did exams, and you were taught by a guru who wasn’t money minded at all –they just wanted you to do really good yoga,” she said. “I quit when I was 14 because it wasn’t cool but started again at 24.”

There’s no question about yoga being cool now. “The thing with Indians, and maybe other Asian countries as well, we always copy the west because we need their validation.”
“The festivals are always such an amazing day. It attracts a good energy,” Kriti says. “This festival is a celebration of love, compassion, and well-being. We are grateful to Corelli College for their incredible support.”

Greenwich Yoga and Vegan Festival is on Feb 24 from 9:15am-5pm at Corelli College, Blackheath, SE38EP. Admission: £5 online/ £8 on the door. The ticket entitles you to attend all classes, talks, and workshops for free. Free entry for children under 14 years.

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