Canada Water group Herbs and Spaces is calling for volunteers to help the local community gardening initiative grow.


Herbs and Spaces will allow people to pick their own fresh herbs – including parsley, mint, and rosemary- for free from public planters around Greenland Dock. The group, led by local Fredy Vasilev, has just secured funding to set up the initiative, and been given the go ahead from Southwark Council.


Volunteers are needed to water the planters daily, and to weed. “We need volunteers for both the organisation of the group as well as plant maintenance,” Fredy told the Weekender.  “We are also trying to get people involved in the making of the planter making: mixing concrete, casting the planters, and later on construction of the self-watering system, filling with soil, planting.”


As part of a recent fundraising event, and with less than a month’s notice, the Herbs and Spaces community raised a team of 17 people and ran the Big Half wearing homemade t-shirts.

“Time wasn’t on our side from the start but that was not going to dampen our spirits and so there was no other way but to print our own t-shirts,” Fredy said. “We designed and printed our own individual vinyl logos, runner names and numbers. It was really impressive how everyone rallied together in the daily workshops held from the Herbs and Spaces HQ in the week running up the big day.”

For more information or to volunteer, click here