Eurythmic Dave Stewart was commissioned by Nile Rogers to bring together a collection of top musicians and singers to recreate his hits for the Eurythmics Songbook. And didn’t he do well! With no Annie Lennox by his side Stewart divided her work between several singers to cover their Songbook, immediately giving lots of people a big chance in the spotlight. I suppose having Nile Rodgers in the mix helps, but he still replaced Lennox with a choir and several singers – including Emeli Sandé and Beverly Knight – who were all at the top of their game. Everyone of those vocalists and musicians excelled themselves; each one had big shoes to fill, but they stepped right up. It was a truly wonderful thing to see, and by the end of the show the audience was like, ‘Annie who?’, writes Michael Holland.

Seriously, though, this ensemble did everything right to ease any anxieties we might have had. They sang and played and danced and the audience sang and danced along with them. The logistics for getting so many people rehearsed and ready for this one-night-only special must have been a feat of magic, but the hard work was worth it.
The Eurythmics put out some great tunes in their time and we had them all tonight. Nile Rodgers has created a great Meltdown 2019, seemingly turning the South Bank into a 24 hour disco, and there is still a day left to get down there and boogie.

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Photos: Victor Frankowski.