By Nora Selina Helal

They’re a favourite of Prince Charles. They’ve been harmonising for 50 years. Now Philadelphia soul trio the Three Degrees are set to dazzle audiences in a live gig at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Helen Scott, one of the trio’s earliest members, told the Weekender: “You will definitely be entertained and enjoy the music.”

The band’s hit song, When Will I See You Again, was recorded in 1973 and catapulted the trio to international fame, topping the charts in the UK, the USA, Japan and a number of European countries. The soul trio, straight out of Philadelphia, formed in 1963 with early members Helen Scott and Valerie Holiday, together with Freddie Pool. They continue to woo audiences around the world with their hit songs When Will I See You Again, Dirty ‘Ole Man, Take Good Care of Yourself and Woman in Love.

Famed as one of Prince Charles’ favourite groups and often referred to as ‘Charlie’s Angels’, the Three Degrees promise a captivating and unforgettable live performance on the iconic RVT stage.

“We will be singing songs you know and others you don’t – just wait and see,” Helen said.

The group performs all over the globe to reach as many people as possible.  “It’s been 50 years – I started out with the group in high school and I don’t think any of us knew what it was going to be today,” Helen said. “We all just liked to have fun and sing and it just grew and grew.”

“The Philly sound came through and with that, those are the songs that put us on the map internationally.”

She said the group has a lot to be grateful for. “We are entirely grateful to have a song that can carry on for decades and decades…We appreciate the support from the people in the UK who have just been a stellar audience for us over the years,” Helen said.

“We appreciate the people who have been coming to see us, and for the people who have wanted to come to see us before but haven’t been able to, all of that kind of support is what makes us come back over and over again.”

A fan of the trio, 66-year-old Sarah Watson from south London, said: “Their songs infiltrated the hearts and souls of the people in Jamaica where I grew up.”

“I remember people used to be glued to their radios listening to them and walking down the streets singing ‘When will I see you again’. I really love them – they’re so soulful.”

For those wondering when you will see them again, rest assured, they have promised to continue performing.

“People are always asking us if we are going to retire and the answer is no,” Helen said.  “We love what we do and we’ll keep going for a minute.”

The Three Degrees are performing at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY, on Wednesday 24 October at 8:30pm- 11:55pm. Doors open at 7pm. Admission: £22.50 or £25 on the door. For more information, visit: