Tuned In London presents a year of concerts that invite audiences to reflect on the movement of people around the world, people who up sticks for a multitude of reasons and head to lands unknown. These concerts will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower leaving Rotherhithe’s shore, captained and crewed by Rotherhithe residents to take persecuted Pilgrims to a new world and a new life in America.

The first show is an evening of flamenco by Cadiz-based singer Leo Power and guitarist Pablo Dominguez. Flamenco is itself a passionate artistic expression whose origins are thought to have begun in the Punjab from where in the period 800-900 AD there was a large exodus of people, many of them dancers and musicians.  Andalucia, southern Spain, centuries later, is where this gypsy art has evolved into flamenco, with its strong Moorish, Castilian and Sephardic Jewish influences. Cadiz is a port town that has seen centuries of people leaving to go to the Americas, and sometimes returning, bringing new rhythms and instruments.  

Last in Rotherhithe two years ago, Leo Power had just been garlanded with  “Gaditana del año”, Cadiz Citizen of the Year, for her contribution to the art of flamenco. Pablo Dominguez follows in the footsteps of his father, Chano Dominguez, renowned flamenco pianist. Together they reveal how this mesmerising art is making connections with other World Music genres.

City Hope Church, 121 Drummond Road, Bermondsey, SE16 2JY on 30th January at 7.45pm. Admission: £14, £10, £8(u16)


Photo: Anne Heslop