Britain’s biggest electricity distributor, UK Power Networks, has become London’s first utility network to put electric vehicles (EVs) on the capital’s roads, writes Christopher Carey…

Engineers made their first journey in the new EVs to Archbishop Sumner School in Kennington, one of the areas that will be covered by London’s new ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’.

The initiative aims to tackle toxic air pollution and is due to be  introduced in early 2019.

Eight-year-old Edward, a pupil at the school, said: “We sat inside the electric vans and met the engineers. I think electric cars are going to be extremely useful in the future. They don’t release any fossil fuels and keep our air clean.”

Headteacher Ursula Ovenden, said: “We are very concerned about air quality, which seems to be affecting children’s health and we have more children now with asthma than we have ever had. We encourage children to cycle or walk to school to try to reduce the number of cars, but having more electric vehicles, like the ones UK Power Networks are introducing, should help reduce the pollution going into the air.”

Twenty-seven charge points are currently being installed at company offices and depots across London and Southern England.

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