A young boy from Bromley received a special visit from police officers to thank him for his quick-thinking actions when his mum collapsed.

Seven-year-old Noah Gofur, from Petts Wood, called 999 after his mum collapsed at home.

Noah told the operator his mum was lying on the floor unable to move, and was able to give them his name and address.

When officers arrived they found his mother, Marjana, semi-conscious, with Noah looking after her and his fifteen-month-old sister.

On Saturday, February 2, officers made a surprise visit to Noah’s house to thank him for his heroic actions, and as a special treat let him play inside their police car.

Marjana was treated by paramedics and taken to a nearby hospital. Doctors she may have being suffering complications from an ear infection.

She said: “We are so proud of Noah – it must have been upsetting for him to see me unwell but he was amazing calling for help.

“We’ve always taught him to know our address in case he ever got lost or something happened but we could have never imagined him being so brave.

“I’m so grateful for everything the police have done for us, not only on the night but coming to see Noah and letting him play in the police cars too.

“We really feel like this has been a huge boost to his confidence.”

PC Matt Lockie said: “Noah did a great job in making sure his mum got the care she needed and his fast thinking and bravery meant she is now recovering well.

“We were delighted to be able to pop round to say well done and we know he has been recognised at school as well which is great.

“Hopefully his actions mean that if any other children are in the same situation, they will know what to do.”