Movie-lovers can celebrate the female perspective in film this November at the Southwark Showcase.

The niche festival, South Goes Social, is going to be featured in the Southwark Showcase put on by the Tate Modern. The showcase promotes dance, music, exhibits, workshops and cinema.

The South Goes Social team will show a 30 minute trailer of shorts made by Southwark-based women filmmakers, including works by Rosa Beiroa, Shanara, Alix Bizet, Harriet Hill and Katie Hardie.

They will celebrate women filmmakers and centre on the themes if gentrification, regeneration, diversity and creativity.

South Goes Social is a niche festival that celebrates different regions or populations of filmmakers in a south London based festival. They have a new set list of festivals to be held in 2019.

Reserve a ticket to the showing here:

Where: Tate Modern, Tate Exchange
When: 17 November 2018, noon to 5.30
Admission: Free