Richard Stott from Camberwell (‘The Peckham side and I adore it’) is a stand-up comedian and one more performer who has had to cancel a UK tour due to COVID-19, writes Michael Holland.

On the plus side in these downside times, we will all have a chance to see Richard in action when the virtual gigs he has been getting involved with come to fruition.

He says of his work, ‘My material uses a disability I have as a jumping off point to talk about all sorts of social commentary.’ 

How has Covid-19 impacted on your profession?

‘Hugely. My industry effectively no longer exists as we rely on performing at mass gatherings. Personally, I have had to sadly postpone my U.K tour, which is a big financial sledgehammer… I was also planning to take an hour long show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year… Who knows how that will happen?’

Do you have other means of earning money to live on?

‘No. I had a job at Borough Market, which I adored, but dedicated myself fully to my tour and the creation of my new show.’

What do you plan to do to get through this crisis?

‘Sit tight and try and keep away from stress… Try and enjoy it. What other option do we have? Some really creative ways of putting out online content have been put together: Virtual gigs, people creating their own comedy channels; I’m already getting involved in this to keep my mind occupied professionally.’

How different do you think your life will be once we get back to normal?

I’m hoping that the comedy industry will bounce back big, as there will be thousands of people looking to go out again and indulge in some catharsis about what we’ve all just been through. There are some fantastic jokes and observations being put out already and I really believe comedy can play a big part in celebrating us being together again.’

Anything you’d like to add?

‘Be nice to each other, don’t point blame at anyone and when we’re free come and see my shows as I’ll be broke.’

Photo: Steve Ullathorne.