Comedic mastermind Marcus Brigstocke will open the Blackheath Halls after its £3 million renovation project for a night of insight, satire and Satan, writes Hannah Kanik…

Marcus says: “I’ll be fully devilled up, complete with horns, tail and malevolent grin. I want to explore the nature of good and bad.”

His dialogue comes from Lucifer himself, however Marcus says the content is more in line with the angel he used to be, like being forgiving and kind to one another.

He said that modern day man suffers from associating people with opinions opposite your own as ‘bad.’

With digital communication opening the door for hate to spread faster than before, he reminds audiences to be kinder to one another.

Those who have been long-time fans of Marcus will be able to see his stand-up in a whole new way.

Marcus said: “I wanted to have a look at the way I do stand up from a whole new perspective. That and it’s a huge amount of fun.”

Marcus has been on tour since September and plans to add more shows next year as well, because playing the Devil is ‘too much fun to stop now.’

This show will be one of the first shows in the newly renovated Blackheath Halls. The venue had been closed since May and will be opening back up this November. The project took six months and £3 million to complete.
The stage was remodelled to accommodate a wider variety of shows and the seats were updated to be more comfortable. There were changes made to the foyer and the café bar as well.

Marcus has had a long residency in television and radio, including his roles in Argumental, The Late Edition and I’ve Never Seen Star Wars. He also appeared on Live from the Apollo, Have I Got News For You and many others.

In radio, he has been a frequent guest in I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, The Now Show and Just a Minute.

Tickets can be purchased for the show online at

Venue: Blackheath Halls – Great Hall
When: 16 November
Price: £16