Roll up, roll up to marvel at one of the most daring and skilled comedic performers the world has ever seen, as he presents his show inside the hull of the Cutty Sark. International man of misery Johnny MacAuley brings his physical comedy to Greenwich. Featuring vaudeville characters, clowning, illusions, puppetry and sideshow, you won’t want to miss The Man of a 1000 Farces. 

Come one and all to be amazed at masterful showmanship with lots of fun tricks and old world charm, coupled with a risqué tongue in cheek contemporary edge. Imagine splicing the energies of Beetlejuice, Rik Mayall, Tommy Cooper and Max Wall – and you’re halfway there.

Having performed twenty years around the globe Johnny MacAulay, brings his one man show of explosive stage illusions and genuinely dangerous stunts to this hallmark venue for the first time. MacAulay knows how to engage an audience with a mix of youthful guile and theatrical peril; the Man of a 1000 Farces celebrates the absurd, combining trepidation with comedy genius! The stage is adorned with the artist’s showground paintings. The overall parade is a panoply of his abilities as an artist, dramaturg and auteur. 

MacAulay started performing with Circus Archaos (France) in the 90s and continued performance with the Mutoid Waste Company (UK), Spamabilly Borgetti (Italy), La Fura del Baus (Catalunya), Canard Fou (France) and ELXT90 (Switzerland). This modern day Munchausen has been dragged by motorcycles in Paris, eaten fire in Madrid, clowned in Moscow, puppeteered in Amsterdam, acted in a Hollywood movie in Milton Keynes, escaped straitjacket and chains in Singapore, stolen two Soviet Mig 21 training jets in Berlin, danced with cobras in Marrakesh, crashed a dinosaur in Bilbao, climbed sword ladders in Shanghai, swallowed swords in Beijing, crushed by beds of nails in the Qatar, impersonated Elvis in the New York, and been shot from a cannon around Europe. Each of these adventures will be recounted upon having his palm crossed with silver!

Man of a 1000 Farces is on at Cutty Sark Theatre, Cutty Sark, Michael Edwards Studio Theatre, Greenwich, SE10 on Sat 6 July. Time: 7.30pm. Admission: £17