A chambermaid, a hotel room and a dead woman. It’s not what it looks like, really, it’s not. It was self defence… and, anyway, the woman was asking for it.

The chambermaid considers herself to be a pretty normal person; she reads books. She pretended to read the party manifestos at the General Election.  She’s even read The Psychopath Test and she’s pretty sure she’s not one so…

Madelaine Gould’s Ladykiller is a blood-soaked morality tale about social responsibility, victimhood and tearing up the gender rulebook on psychopathy; a jet-black comedy for the age of the gig economy.

The character of ‘Her’ presents us with a genuinely complex and compelling female protagonist, tapping into the feminist zeitgeist in a most unexpected way. 

Gould explains: It is so rare that we see the character of a female criminal drawn with as much complexity as their male counterparts and it is important to me that, in our battle for equality, we accept, explore and embrace the female capacity for violence, criminality and evil as much as we celebrate the positives. The play is a big “what if?” and an exploration of how female criminality is, and has historically been treated differently, to that of males.

Running time:  60 minutes

Age recommendation: 14yrs +

Warnings: Murder, profanity, blood (stage blood throughout), violence, complex themes of violence and murder.

Ladykiller is on at Vault Festival, Leake St, Waterloo, SE1 7AD from 27th Feb – 3rd Mar. Times: 9.20pm; 2nd Mar matinee 4.50pm. Admission: £15