Many of us move around each day without really paying attention to what we’re doing, writes Holly O’Mahony…

We rarely think about our gait when walking, the gestures we use to express ourselves, or the mannerisms that others recognise as an extension of who we are. Most of us feel self-conscious dancing and might only do so on special occasions after a couple of drinks. One artist practitioner looking to change our relationship with movement, though, is Steven Zilinskas of Shenanigans Theatre Company.

Through a series of weekly creative movement workshops at Mycenae House, running from January 16 till February 20, Steven is encouraging participants to explore their interests and work with him to create a movement piece that illustrates these passions.

The creative movement workshops are part of the Reach Out project run by Mycenae House and have been designed to tackle social isolation and loneliness. “The workshops are open to adults of all ages but I am very interested in participants who are lonely,” says Steven.

The workshops are an opportunity to experiment with ideas using art and dance. “By taking part in a six-week workshop project, participants will be able to engage in a creative process, taking into account their interests in order to create a piece of work together – although the sessions will also help to develop wellbeing and individual skills,” he says.

Steven’s recent work with Shenanigans includes a solo show, Mirage, which he took to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2018 and toured to other parts of the UK including Worcester later last year. The show was billed as ‘a kinaesthetic exploration of reality and empathy’ that questioned: what does a person have to do to move you?

The creative movement workshops are free to attend and aim to provide a safe space for attendees to talk, share stories and connect with new people. Email to reserve a place.

Mycenae House,
90 Mycenae Road, SE3 7SE.
January 16 – February 20. Weekly workshops on
Wednesdays from 4pm – 5pm.
Admission: FREE.