“I don’t need friends. I don’t want friends. I’m perfectly fine all by myself, thank you very much.”

Join a rambunctious group of farm animals on Christmas Eve as they celebrate the holiday season. The only problem is Humbug the Sheep thinks it’s a waste of time to have friends and play their silly games. But is Humbug really happy all alone?

With the help of the Farmer, a time-travelling tractor and a little bit of Christmas magic, Humbug the Sheep comes to see how important it is to have friends and to feel happy about new experiences.

Baa Humbug will captivate and entertain children aged 4+ and their adults. As they join Humbug’s journey of self-discovery, the audience will learn about recognising difficult emotions and how to react positively to them. Blue Elephant Theatre’s endearing and funny show encourages children and adults alike to celebrate the power of friendship, whilst singing, playing and having lots of fun.

Baa Humbug is on at the Blue Elephant Theatre, 59a Bethwin Rd, Camberwell, SE5 0XT from Saturday 8th – Saturday 15th December (Not December 10th) Time: Weekends at 2:00pm & 4:00pm; Weekdays at 10:45am & 1:30pm. Admission: £5, £3 Southwark Residents & Concessions. Phone: 0207 701 0100