Life is full of moments of change that can pop up at anytime. An unexpected encounter between a business woman, who supposedly has triumphed in life, and a blind man whom she’s just met and asked to spend a few hours in a hotel with her can be the trigger for a new life. Both will have to be able to open up and let themselves experience the darkness in order to see the light…

The Eyes of the Night, a play written by one of the most important playwrights of her generation, Paloma Pedrero, sees its UK premiere in September. It is a complex and beautiful play that reveals the deepest desires and fears of a middle age business woman who, with the help of a blind man, will need to experience the darkness in order to see the light.

The Cervantes Theatre opened its doors in November 2016 and it is London’s first venue dedicated to showcasing Spanish and Latin American plays, performed both in Spanish and in English. From modern classics to contemporary masterpieces, the Cervantes Theatre offers the opportunity to experience the most authentic and groundbreaking Spanish-speaking culture in an intimate venue in the heart of London.

Cervantes Theatre,  229 Union St, London SE1 0LR from 11th – 28th September. Times: Wed-Thur Spanish; Fri-Sat English at 7.30pm. Admission: £15 – £25. Phone: 020 3633 4406