Mechanical Thought’s hit immersive show Illicit Signals Bletchley is kicking off Colab Factory’s year.  Running through January, audiences will be transported to Bletchley Park, in war torn 1940s Britain, where they will work alongside historical codebreakers to crack Enigma messages and uncover war-winning secrets. Written and directed by Christopher Styles, this historical piece mixes high stakes drama with interactive puzzle solving.

Step back in time to a world of espionage, code breaking and secrets. It was here that men and women, both young and old, cracked German codes and unveiled their secrets, but these men and women kept secrets of their own, both from each other and the public.

Follow in the footsteps of real life cryptologists as Bletchley Park goes through its most pivotal moment. Crack codes and decipher messages to uncover their private lives and make the tough decision of whether to keep their secrets or spill the beans.

When it comes to an illicit past; is it better to be honest or stay silent?

How far could you take a white lie?

Illicit Signals Bletchley is on at CoLab Factory, 74 Long Lane, London bridge SE1 4AU from 5th – 26th January. Times: Wed – Sun 8pm – 10pm. Admission: £30