Knitmas is a real winter warmer for the family, which began with a little craft session before the show where the kids could have a go at improving their threading/knitting skills, writes Chloë Coleman…

The set was six bare Christmas trees in the forest of Odds and Bods, when along came LongSleeves, a discarded woolly Christmas jumper who was lost and lonely. Seeing the naked trees the jumper felt sorry for them so he covered the trees in wool to make them look warm and loved, but, alas, LongSleeves got stuck before he got the chance to adorn the last tree with decorations.
LongSleeves had a friend called Bengal the Duck who was the only thing that could get to the last tree to decorate it. But Bengal became a bit obsessed with the Xmas baubles, he couldn’t bring himself to hang them on the tree, even with lots of convincing and pleading from LongSleeves.

The small cosy stage meant the children at the front were at the same level as the actors, which was great for interaction between the two. The kids were shouting out words of encouragement to the duck, with little Nancy at the front calling out, ‘Be brave, Bengal, you can do it.’ Another little girl was shouting, ’Just take a deep breath, you can do it!’ There were a lot of laughs at the toing and froing between LongSleeves and the duck getting the baubles off one another.

Eventually LongSleeves came across a photo album and through the medium of a simple puppet show he told the story of how Jumper and Cardigan fell in love and got married, but then how Cardigan went away and Jumper was lonely until he came across the Xmas trees, which he covered in wool before he got stuck.

Of course, there is always a happy ending for this audience, so everyone left happy and delighted.

Running Time: 50 mins plus 25 min pre-show workshop. Suitable for ages 4+

Knitmas: A Christmas Yarn is on at Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8ES until 30 December.
Times: Fri – Wed times vary between 10.30, 11am and 2pm.
See website for details.
Admission: £13.50-£8.50 (Child). Phone: 0208 858 4447. |


Photo: Tom Ziebell