Matthew Townshend Productions presents a sparkling revival of one of the great classics of British Theatre, Harold Brighouse’s immortal Lancashire comedy Hobson’s Choice.

Hobson’s Choice is Brighouse’s best known work. Its themes of the right of women to determine their own lives, and the rebellion of the younger generation against parental tyranny, make it universal and as relevant today as it was when first produced in wartime London in 1916.
This fresh new production relocates from nineteenth century Salford to the year 1958. Rock and roll may have arrived, the youth revolution may be just around the corner, but in Henry Horatio Hobson’s shoe shop Queen Victoria might still be on the throne.

Their wireless and a secret treasured record player keep the three girls tuned to the hit parade, but when eldest daughter Maggie has had enough and breaks free, taking Willie Mossop the bootmaker with her, the younger sisters Vickey and Alice feel free to make their own escape from home and from ‘trade.’

John D Collins, best known for TV’s smash hit ‘Allo! ‘Allo! plays Hobson. New songs by upcoming musicians Ben Goble with the Lockerbillies (Glastonbury 2017) echo the sounds of the time, from skiffle to Presley and from Doris Day to Jerry Lee Lewis. 

Hobson’s Choice is on at Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, 410 Brockley Road, SE4 2DH from 4th – 15th September. Times: Tues – Sat 7.30pm.  Admission: £16, £13 concessions. Phone: 07984 415572