An appeal has been launched to find the owner of an African Grey Parrot found sitting on railings in Camberwell.

The bird, who can say ‘hello’ and ‘come on’ as well as mimic a human cough, was found outside a block of flats on Bethwin Road on Monday, June 25, by a member of the public, who called Lost and Found Parrots UK.

She was advised to try and catch the bird with some food, which she did successfully, before taking it home. It’s now being cared for in a volunteer ‘safe house’ in the area.

Lost and Found Parrots UK have tried to find the animal’s owners via social media but have not had any response yet. The parrot has been described by the group as ‘beautiful’ and ‘clearly well loved’. It has a leg ring showing a unique number, which the owner should be able to provide.

If you can help, please contact Lost and Found Parrots UK on 0845 838 7035